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Kika von Klück is an artist who experiments with Live, Ritual, Lecture Performance Actions and Documentations to evoke images, icons and stories that were once sacred to all cultures and became trivialized by linear thought.


Comparative Mythology, Feminist Archeology, Humanist Anthropology, Astronomy, and Sociobiology studies are combined in order to instigate the creation of a new paradigm that taps into a universal story attempting to communicate with the oneiric source within people, whose roots sprout from a subliminal knowledge that exists in all of us.


Each theme is developed through research, editing and collecting texts, pictures and costumes while leaving as much room for improvisation as possible.




Cyphered Threads is a rotating ensemble of artists and musicians who collaborate to bring the performance pieces to life.

Ritual . PERFORMANCE . Lecture . ACTION . VISUAL POETRY . Documentation . Music  

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